The author

My name is Lee Weedall, and I have a hell of a lot to say. About? Well.... about everything, really. This blog is here for me to say stuff. Mostly it will be about videogames, as they are my major obsession in life, but there will also be discussion of books, movies, music, and even events.

I encourage discussion, but please know in advance that if you are disagreeing with me then you are wrong! I'll still read what you say, and promise to never censor your comments.

I have been online for a long time now, and I still think of the web as an incredibly exciting place. It is my privilege to bring some of myself to it, and to present it for you. I think of it as "Giving something back" to a world that helped me through a tough time.

When it comes to videogames, I play them all. Sure, I have favourites. But, I am as open-minded as you will find. Be it hardcore, casual, family, FPS, fighting, social, or even Alternate Reality; I have tried it, I have played it, and I plan to continue not limiting my potential for enjoyment in any way at all. The same goes with all forms of entertainment, to tell the truth. I am as likely to find value in Lady GaGa as I am in Pavarotti, and will happily read Harry Potter one day and Jane Austen the next.

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