Ghosts of Websites Past (The archive!)

Here I list some of the other stuff I have written that is littered all over the internet. Much of my work is now lost to the twin gods of forgetfulness and laziness, in that I often never got round to saving copies before the sites closed down, or that I honestly don't know just where all of my work is. But here is the stuff I CAN find, and link to, just in case someone out there is interested/bored/insane enough to read it.

Currently, I am active on the iOS news and review site AppGamer, as well as Trendy Gamers, NXT Gamer, and the Indie Game Mag website. My love of mobile gaming made me a natural choice for the first, and details of how the last one came about are below. (Expect this part of the list to expand.)


Jazz: Trump's Journey
Total War Battles: Shogun
Boy Loves Girl
Football Director
Draw Something
Angry Birds Space

Trendy Gamers

XBox 360

Trials Evolution

NXT Gamer

XBox 360


Indie Game Mag

XBox 360

Septipus: Tentacle Apocalypse
Little Racers Street


Avernum: Escape From The Pit

Before that, my most recent reviews have mostly been found in the forums of UK ISP Freeola. Here are direct links to all I have done there so far :


Demons Souls
Gran Turismo 5

XBox 360

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
Super Meat Boy
Pacman Championship Edition DX




Dragon Quest 9


Let's Golf 3D

Perhaps the review I am most proud of is the one I did of Braid for XBox 360 over at The IndieGameMagazine site, as it was in response to a challenge they issued when I took exception to an existing review for the game. Sadly, the comments that led to this review being published at all have since been removed, but suffice it to say that I feel more than justified in my stance, and particularly vindicated by the positive response I received.


At the end of 2010/start of 2011, I produced three reviews for AppGamer as a freelancer.

Broken Sword 2
Avenging Spirit

(I was pleasantly surprised when Revolution Software chose to quote my review on the App Store listing for Broken Sword 2.)

In January 2009, I wrote four commissioned pieces for a site called Jeff's Blog Site. These were to be 500 word reviews of four recently released big-name console games. These were my first ever "earnings" from writing, although I don't count review copies and prizes for competitions in that category, so maybe they are just my first ever "payment" instead?

XBox 360

Gears of War 2
Fallout 3
Fable II


Little Big Planet

Prior to that, I did a lot of stuff over at Honest Gamers, a site started by a friend of mine which went on to be pretty damn good. I mainly focused on writing editorials there, and this was some of my best work, but sadly Mr. Venter purged the site of this content, and it was lost to history because I never kept backups. (Or rather, lost my backups when the computer I had them stored on died. Ah well.)

Here are direct links to all 26 reviews I wrote for HG :


Tortuga:Two Treasures
The Sacred Rings

XBox 360

Earth Defense Force 2017
Just Cause


Mercury Meltdown Revolution
WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Wii Sports


Yoshi's Touch & Go


Burnout 2: Point of Impact - Developer's Cut


Pokemon Colosseum


The King of Fighters 2006
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Virtua Fighter 4
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
State of Emergency


Sports Jam

Gameboy Advance

WarioWare, Inc: Mega Microgames


N2O: Nitrous Oxide




OutRun 2

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