Saturday, May 12, 2012

WON: Minecraft XBox Edition

EDIT: COMPETION NOW CLOSED! TheAnthraxBunny drew the Golden Ticket.

Previously, I have written about the enjoyment I have found in Minecraft, particularly since it made its way to the XBox 360.  Mainly, the entire system of crafting has been made simpler, and this allows the game to truly shine. On the PC version, I may never have worked out how to make a pickaxe. On the 360 version? I have built some magnificent buildings!

I made 2 castles!

I'm not alone. It looks very much like the entire rest of the world is buying it. Current figures indicate that it is the fastest-selling title in Live Arcade history, breaking the day one sales record that Trials Evo had held for all of two weeks.

You want it, don't you? You should. It is definitely deserving of a place in your collection.

So, here's your chance.

I have a spare redeemable code up for grabs. All you need to do to get it is to tell me in the comments below why YOU deserve it. You have 24 hours. Put your gamertag, so I know where to send it, and then explain with as many or as few words as you like, and I will choose my favourite. If I find it impossible to choose, I will select from however many favourites I get using some kind of random number generator. Or maybe even my kittens. I JUST DON'T KNOW!

So, recap: Tell me your gamertag, and why you need it. This time tomorrow, someone wins.

Good luck all!


  1. I've never played Minecraft because I don't have a PC, but I would like to try the X360 edition. My GT: Venom iiii <--- four uppercase.

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  2. Hi! My gamertag is Drezane. Saw your post on Gamefaqs and thought I'd give it a whirl. I WANT THAT GAME. BAD. Yes I do have the PC version, but the XBOX version seems quite alluring. PRimary reason why I don't have it yet is I'm broke, lol. I've got a little money in the account but due to some fraud my Debit card is deactivated. Do what you will. I will have this game one way or another.

  3. I desperately want to play with an XBL buddy of mine who doesn't work cause he takes care of his sick brother, so he doesn't have much disposable income. Sounds like a pity card, I know, but he's a best friend and playing this with him would be pretty great. So the code isn't even really for me, it's for a friend who has no idea I'm doing this. Hopefully that's alright.

    1. Not sure why I show up as unknown on my comment.

    2. Oh lol and my gamertag is aGeorgeDivided

  4. I saw your post on GameFAQS. Nice to meet you! Anyways, I have played minecraft for 2 years. However, i never could get my friends into the game as they were all console gamers. I did whatever i could to get them to play, but to no avail. Since then, we've all split up and gone to different colleges and i'm working several jobs just to pay for myself and haven't had an opportunity to buy any new games. The last game i bought was in January unfortunately as i used to be an avid gamer.

    Well, my old crew will be back in town for summer. Seeing as this game is finally on consoles and they have always been curious about it, i can open them up to minecraft. I figure we will meet up one of our houses, boot up some 4 player split screen minecraft and i would imagine pump hundreds of hours into it, night long sessions of building at least.

    So, since i can't really find it in my budget to shell out 20 bucks for it,(a man has to eat, you know) that code will help create memories and bring a few old friends closer together.

    Plus, i can stop torturing myself on the minecraft boards T_T

    Gamertag: Tentanman

  5. Hey! Cool blog. Cool contest. Its super awesome of you to be giving away a free game, especially one this good. I acctually already bought minecraft for xbox on day one. Couldn,t wait! However, I let my girlfriend try it and now she is complelty hooked! Like wants to come over after work while im still at work to play it haha. Anyways, since I like my nice big screen instead of splitscreen, I convinced my roomate to part ways with his old first gen xbox, and I'm going about getting her set up on live. So in closing, after this wall of text, I would like the code for my girlfriend.

    You would be doing a fellow gamer a service by allowing him to enjoy minecraft at the full size! Haha.

    Either way, have a good one! And good luck to everybody!

    GT: PureAquatica

  6. Hey, I've always been wanting to play minecraft since my friends always talk about playing with each other. My PC has never been up to standards and I'm not able to replace it with a better one. My friends have gotten the game on the Xbox as well and I haven't been able to get myself a copy yet and I haven't been able to play with them as of yet. I would love nothing more than be able to play with them on this game that looks fascinating. I appreciate you giving away a code and understand if you think somebody else deserevs it more. Thank your for your time!

    My Gamertag: OhiioST

  7. I have a friend who ALWAYS plays Call of Duty. The thing is that he's a big retro gamer as well and is hard pressed to try most new games. I even tried to get him to drop in and drop out in our co-op game we had going in Minecraft and he said maybe later. I desperately want him to try them game because I know he'd love it if givin the chance. I also told him how much it was and he freaked out -"20 dollars!?" - So yeah I really want the code because I want him to experience this magnificent game I've played for 3 days straight. I'd also love to play with him and get him off Call of Duty for awhile.

    Gamertag - SHAN3ST3RR

  8. Nice to meet you, saw your post on I've been stalking the minecraft boards looking at all the awesome stuff minecraft has in store. I have always wanted minecraft, but I don't have a PC, or the hundreds of dollars to afford a gaming PC. When I heard that minecraft is out for the 360, I bought a 360 with birthday money I received a few weeks ago so I can get minecraft on it. My friends who play PC minecraft are getting the 360 minecraft, so I would be overjoyed to finally be able to play with them. Gamertag-Aadrianseth

  9. @dazzadavie
    You know me ;)

    Not going for that one, ok I've never played it in fact I never wanted to. I've seen my brother-in-law playing away collecting bits and bobs and I've asked "what you getting that for?" He will reply to build this or that And I'd ask "oh where did it tell you you would need that or this?" Of course the answer is nowhere And that's what I've always found daunting.
    Now my 11 year old cousin is playing, And has a cat and I love cats and I'd love a blockie cat. If I get this code I promise to build the best act house I can.
    Do this for the cats.

  10. I'm entering for a friend. He wants it but can't afford it and I can't pick up more points. I love this game and want to share the experience with him and have some awesome moments. Anyone here can win and I wish them the best of luck. Just hoping to share the Minecraft fun!

    GT: AnTic Spoon

  11. I'm a straight forward gamer. I like games that are story driven, with goals and checkpoints to complete. I get bored after I've beaten the story. Multiplayer can increase my fun for a few more hours until I reach the top level.

    I hated Minecraft when I heard about it. I still do. I don't get the point. You are a dude in a randomly generated world and you can destroy and build stuff....and that's it. No goal, no story, no substance to the multiplayer beside "hey, lets invite someone to bored with me".

    At least Animal Crossing had all sorts of extra content besides the gimmick of living a second life. NES Games, 3000+ pieces of furniture, etc. Minecraft is animal crossing stripped of everything besides the main gimmick which sounds yawn inducing.

    But I watch youtube video and read gamer opinions and watch as grown men fall in love with something I don't understand. They play this game for hours and spend months building mammoth creations in virtual space. I want the chance to play this game so it can change me. Change me from a goal oriented, modern day gamer with no appreciation for games like Portal and Minecraft that have no substance in my eyes to a minecraft addict.


  12. Hi, I would like Minecraft because my laptop cant handle its greatness, and right now I do not have the money for it. So this would be great to win. It would be appriciated greatly, My GT is : Phant0mLime. ( Thats a zero) .

  13. I would run a 10 mile marathon with 20 lb weights strapped around each ankle with a small asian man strapped to my back shouting insults at me while whipping the back of my head while a midget on a moped follows me with a paintball gun that's shooting frozen paintballs at my nether regions only to be greeted by a pack of wild hyenas in a music festival porta potty that I have to kill using only the shake weight strapped to my forehead(hands tied behind my back, naturally) just to have the chance to get a piece of the Minecraft redeemable code that you have. You could probably imagine the things I would do to get this code. I want so desperately to erect and inhabit a massive tower resembling my Gibson Les Paul, and need only the chance to do so.

    My gamertag: UpTheBracket84

  14. I don't have many subs but I will feature you and your blog on my YouTube channel on my very first min craft video if I win. Minecraft gets a lot of views so there is good chance you can have your blog seen by many. My gamertag is sevenes

  15. Nice contest you've got going here. Figured I'd throw my name in the hat. As with the others, only reason I don't have the game yet is I've been broke lately. Not to make this a sob story, but my wife lost two grandparents in the last 4 months, so it's been a rough stretch as far as that goes. I didn't really understand the hype with this game, but after being in a party chat with my buddies playing it, and hearing the hillarious things they were doing and creating, I must have it. I must create and do silly things. Good luck to everybody! May the best man, or the luckiest man win. My gamertag is boond0ck 83. The 0 in d0ck, is a zero, just to be clear.

  16. Unlike a previous commenter I'm going to play the sob story card as it's all I can do.
    I'm not allowed to work due to health issues I was born with so cannot afford many games, so a new one would be very much appreciated - plus I've never actually played the game before but would very much like the chance to do so.

    Gamertag: OverdrivenInc

  17. Hey, saw your topic on GameFAQs ( I'm DarkTwoopah), and I just want to say it's real awesome that you decided to give away your code to some random rather than someone you know.

    I want this primarily because I can't play it on my crappy laptop, and I've been wanting to play with my friend on this game since Alpha. Since I never could, due to both of our computers being mediocre when it comes to gaming, we were pretty damn happy when we heard that it was coming out on 360 so we could finally play it.

    Now, he has it, and due to me being dead broke, I can't get it. It would be amazing if you decide to give me the code, as I can already smell the porkchops cooking in my furnace, and the timeless hours I'll spend living it up with my friend inside a marvelous sandstone palace.

    Anyhow, my gamer tag is xFEARx CruSTiii, and you can feel free to add me.

    I hope you pick me whenever you go through these comments :)

  18. Hey umm, I really want this game.
    Most of my friends have it for Xbox but I don't have any money at the moment as I am looking for a job.
    I never got the chance to play the PC version so i would like to play the Xbox version.
    If you don't give it to me, Its cool. As long as someone else who deserves it does.

    Anywho; GT: Munch Emm

  19. Hi it's me The Boneduster (My Gamertag) from youtube ( I think that I should get it so I can grief the retarded Dan from Xbox Live. (his gamertag is xxdan27x). Also if you give me the code I, ME, BONEY. Will give you a plug and much love.

  20. I would enjoy having this game to play with my girlfriend.

    GT: Dreaded Lemons

  21. Okay, why do I deserve it? You may know of the site Raptr, who recently had a giveaway of 2500 copies of Minecraft. To be eligible, you needed to reach a certain rank in select Minecraft-like games.

    I spent twelve hours straight playing Total Miner: Forge through the night, preparing for the giveaway. I reached the proper rank and I was eligible for the Minecraft prize. So when the rewards finally launched that morning, despite me meeting all the requirements, the site was glitched and was not allowing me to claim my prize. So I watched in utter disbelief as the 2500 free Minecraft copies quickly dwindled away before my eyes.

    In just a half hour, there were less than 1000 left and still, there was nothing I could do to claim my prize that I had worked so hard for. I hadn't slept for about 36 hours at this point. I desperately asked for support on the forums but did not get any. Just see everybody else posting, celebrating about their free copy. And then, before I knew it, all 2500 copies were gone, and I who worked so diligently and spent so many ******* hours ensuring I would get a copy, sat there with nothing.

    It still makes me sick to think about it. How disgusting and unjust... But this is the only other way I have to get a copy, so I hope I can at least win one this way.

    Gamertag: BugsyDoright

  22. gamertag: ALZ

    i think i deserve Minecraft because I have been having a rough time the last couple of weeks. I have been jobless for some time and have been denied everywhere. I've applied at banks, retail stores and even Seaworld, and no luck. And to top it off, I've been stressing over finals. I need a job to have money for my summer and fall courses. So to the point, I played the Minecraft demo and absolutely fell in love with it, but due to the fact that I have not been able to get a job and need my money for my school courses first, I am not able to purchase Minecraft till who knows when. So I would appreciate if you give your code to a fellow guy like me. Thanks man.

  23. My gamertag is BigDg912

    I have a long time love of video games. My PC gave out a couple months ago so I can no longer play this great game on computer. This fact coupled with just finding out my wife and I are going to have a baby means I will not be able to afford the computer repairs or the MS points to purchase this game for a while.
    Apart from that, it is pretty refreshing to see someone doing something like this. No matter who gets it... thanks for being one hell of a human being and congratulations to the winner.

  24. I think I deserve the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft because not only I, but everyone in my house (aside from my mom ;P) wants it and it would be an excellent game for us to play split-screen on. I've always been a fan of split-screen games, and have almost always preferred it over online play because I think being able to play with friends and family in the same room is awesome. My current PC is both crappy and old and can barely run Minecraft anymore. We're not low-income, but I can't see us purchasing a new computer in the near future, especially considering that video games are the only things it can't run properly. Me and the rest of my family did enjoy the PC version of minecraft for a good 6 months (or something like that), but my computer is getting much worse and soon it won't be able to run it at all. I would like to continue playing Minecraft, but the 360 Edition appears to be the only way I'll be able to at this point. I also have several friends who are buying/have bought the game and I'd like to be able to play with them.

    Yep. I think that's about it. I guess I could also throw in that I really liked Minecraft before the 1.8 update and would really enjoy the Xbox 360 Edition with it being 1.6.6 and all. Finally, I'd like to say thanks for being so generous and giving me a way to kill 15 minutes (today has been a dull day :P). Congrats to whoever wins, and thanks again Lee.

    GameFAQs: TheAnthraxBunny
    Gamertag: TheAnthraxBunny

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  26. Recently lost my job so i have plenty of time ;)

    GameFAQs: XAztec WarriorX
    Gamertag: XAztec WarriorX

  27. Aloha
    Reading all of the previous comments is depressing me, as they are all morbidly sad tales of free time due to tragedy. So to cheer you up, here's a picture of a retardedly cute kitten! -

    GameFaqs - Atlas_S
    Gamertag - AtlasSavva

    And if that doesn't work here is a picture of a kitten that wants to devour your soul -

  28. I would like to win the copy of Minecraft because the universe has been trying its damnedest to keep me away from it. On the day I bought it on Steam, my cat fell off a ledge and knocked my computer to the ground, shattering the screen. Its been sitting in my steam account, taunting me, saying Play me! Play me!. I played the demo last night, and got lost and ended up playing like 3x for a total of 4 hours fighting creepers and getting trapped in underground caverns. Also my little brother wants a game we can play together, and this would be perfect for him! Oh, did I mention that in game I made a shrine outside my house that vaguely resembles Batman? For that alone I should win

    Gamertag is OG Skeetninja, and GFaqs username is Wayoftheninja

    1. You don't buy minecraft off of steam...

    2. Minecraft isn't availible on Steam...?

  29. Hey!

    I have multiple reasons why I want this game.

    First I have bought it on the computer in the alpha version (somewhere in 2010) but my PC is so bad, I can't play it because I can only reach 10 FPS. I love this game very much and I hate that I can't play it right now

    In second, most of my friends have bought it for xbox and I can't buy it for xbox myself. I don't have a credit card to buy microsoft points.

    In third, I have a little brother who wants to play Minecraft together with me, I have an HD TV so I can handle the splitscreen game.(if you don't have an HD TV you can't play splitscreen) I want to surprise my little brother by showing him my Minecraft copy, but unfortunately I don't have one yet.

    I have played the xbox demo like 10 times now and I want it so badly

    I tried the Raptr Minecraft code giveaway, but I was too late. When I signed up, they still had codes available. Only a few though. I had to verify stuff for my Raptr account and when te verification was completed, they had 0 codes left :(

    Me and my brother would love you if you gave us the code we both really want!

    Gamertag: E_Meijer ( _ can be replaced by a spacebar but that doesn't always worK)

  30. I would love a code of this game. I already own it, but my friend really, really wants a copy and does not have any points. If you could pick me, that'd be awesome.

    Thanks a ton.

    GT = Lorthremar

  31. I can hold my breath for 10 whole minutes. 'nuff said.

    GT = Leinad44

  32. I would like a code for this game because I live in Canada and they don't sell 1600 MS point cards here so I would have to spend $40 just to get it and I don't like using my credit card on my Xbox. It would be great if you pick me, thanks.

    GT = littlebull44

  33. Because Chuck Norris demand it!

    GT = AK JohnnyB

  34. I alreadt have the gane myself. However, my good friend is really wanting thos game as well so we can play together. Unfortunately, he is jobless and broke and I don't currently have a spare $20 to give to him. Lame reason, I know. But still, gonna try!

    GY: Dalesdeadbug123

  35. I would love to play Minecraft. Just to simply create and design various things. I've never had chance to play the PC version and have been blown away by the Xbox rendition.

    GT: Goemon Ishikawa

  36. Think it's great that you're giving out a free code that you don't need. I don't actually need a code as I have already purchased the game, never played it on the PC, but it's fantastic so far. Although I built everything in my mates world and have nothing in my own as of yet haha.

    My mates are all going out to buy it now based on ym recommendation, but a few of them can't afford it right now.

    My friend's gamertag is Reon Kenedi.

    Thought I'd comment just in case you pick at random and it can give him a chance to get it.

  37. Sure I would like to win and play online with my friends, but the real reason I want the game is to be able to play with my 4 year old son Aden. He loves playing Legos and the Lego games, while I know this isn't the same it is a way to transition him into new types of games. This way we can craft new memories together while building a replica of our house or the Batcave. Thank you for the chance. My gamer tag is mikesiresjr.