Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something unexpected!

When going out for something to eat last night, I was surprised to see one of those yellow AA roadsigns that points to an event. Where we live is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, 30 miles from any large population centres in all directions. There are a couple of small towns, but mostly it is villages. Which is why we literally never see anything of interest, let alone something of interest to people like me.

So, you can only imagine how surprised I was to see a sign saying "Videogame Nation Exhibition at Woodhorn" telling me to take the next exit to the left. From where I sat, all that was to the left was a bunch of fields! I vaguely recalled there was some kind of museum somewhere nearby, but had never known what it actually was. I was intrigued, and immediately hit the internet. Sadly, being in a sparsely populated part of the country means that mobile phone reception is patchy at best. So, it wasn't until I got home later that I was truly able to find out what it was.

It was this! Which, whilst admittedly not the most awesome looking thing of all-time, is still pretty cool. My question is HOW IN THE HELL did I not know about it before now? It has been open for 2 months, during which time I have been sat at home most of the days wishing for something to do.

It looks fun, and is open for another 7 months or so. Which means that I will definitely be going to it at some point. I may see if I can find someone to go with, but I'm the kind that is happy to just go on my own to something like that. Expect a report when it happens.

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